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26 maja rusza PLNOG Online!

Wśród prelegentów Bromirski, Jabłoński, Jachowicz, Lelusz i Ślaski

PLNOG24 postponed to September!

Dear PLNOG Friends, today we decided that PLNOG24 will take place in autumn in Krakow. Unfortunately, the threat of COVID19 is too large to risk the health of participants, partners and everyone associated with the conference. It wasn't really an easy decision and we fought till the end. However, your health and safety is the most important for us, and the GIS (Main Sanitary Inspectorate) recommendations are unambiguous.  


We ensure that we monitor the situation related to the coronavirus on an ongoing basis and the guidelines of the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health. We will take all necessary steps recommended by these two institutions to ensure our participants safety. At this time, it has not been recommended to cancel conferences and assemblies in our country, therefore the PLNOG conference will be held on the planned date. PROIDEA as...
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Council deliberations so a trip to Kielce

How is the PLNOG schedule created and what will be included in the PLNOG24 program? 

Special guests at PLNOG24

Aviation is the leitmotif of PLNOG24, so we invited pilots to our stage!

PLNOG23 — Summary

Within two days, we managed to bring together nearly 700 telecommunication specialists and fans of new technologies under one roof. 78 speakers during 58 lectures shared their knowledge not only in the field of telecommunications, but also cybersecurity, Cloud and DevOps.

Poznaj firmy, które pojawią się na PLNOG23!

Spotkania PLNOG to okazja nie tylko do zdobycia wiedzy, ale także niecodzienna szansa do zawarcia biznesowych znajomości!

Narady Rady

3 czerwca podczas konferencji CONFidence 2019 odbyło się spotkanie Rady Programowej PLNOG.

Nowa lokalizacja i specjalne ceny pokoi!

W trosce o najwyższy komfort naszych uczestników przenosimy się do większego i bardziej nowoczesnego hotelu!

Wypełnij ankietę RIPE NCC!

Od dzisiaj do końca czerwca 2019 można wziąć udział w badaniu opinii na temat RIPE NCC!