The nineteenth edition of the PLNOG conference has come to an end. For two days, Krakow became the Polish center of telecommunications.

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The ability to reconcile fire with water and attract to the lecture halls both network hardcors and people like me is a rarity at large conferences. (…) And at PLNOG20 everything has definitely – nomen omen – worked out.

Michał Rosiak


Along with the creation of this Polish Internet, PLNOG was created, these stories are interrelated.

Grzegorz Żmijewski


Get know about PLNOG

PLNOG is the largest branch conference in Poland that twice a year gathers Polish internet service providers, network operators, engineers, decision makers and telco market enthusiasts in one place. The conference has been driving and supporting cooperation between representatives of ICT and telecommunications companies for 11 years.
Among the participants PLNOG no shortage of representatives of large corporations and organizations as well as local businesses, who together during the two-day conference are wondering how it looks and will look like Polish ICT market.

23 – 24 September 2019, Krakow KUP BILET

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PLNOG 22 Photos

That’s how we played in Warsaw.

Program Committee

Łukasz Bromirski

Marcin Mazurek

Andrzej Targosz

Program Board

Tomasz Brol

Łukasz Dorosz

Magdalena Figiel

Andrzej Gab

Andrzej Karpiński

Marcin Kuczera

Paweł Kuśmierski

Piotr Wojciechowski

Jarosław Zieliński

They trusted us

For over eleven years, PLNOG has gained the support of the largest IT companies in Poland and in the world. Thank you!