Taking care of the highest comfort of our participants, we move to a bigger and more modern hotel!

The Krakow edition of PLNOG will take place in a new location
Hotel Metropolo Krakow by Golden Tulip,
ul. Orzechowa 11, 30-422 Krakow

Call in rooms: Special price when booking with the password: PLNOG 23, will be available until 10/08/2019. After this date, any unused rooms booked for the PLNOG will be canceled, and the booking will depend on the availability of rooms at the Hotel, at prices indicated by the Hotel.
Reservations can be made by phone or by e-mail. Remember to refer to the conference password!

E-mail: reservations@goldentulipmetropolokrakow.com
Phone: +48 12 448 36 36

Guests can cancel hotel room reservations at no later than 10/08/2019 at the latest!

Net price for a single room: 324.00 PLN
Net price for a double room: 324.00 + 35 PLN surcharge

Hotels nearby:

Hotel Nowa Panorama,
ul. Wacława Lipińskiego 3/1, 30-349 Krakow

Rooms call in: Hotel Nowa Panorama offers special prices when booking rooms with the password: PLNOG.
Reservations must be made by 22/08/2019 at the latest by e-mail to: biuro@hotel-panorama.pl

Payment: Hotel guests pay by credit transfer to the Hotel account (all details will be provided in the email message) for the first night of stay until 8/09/2019. The remaining part of the payment is settled by the participants themselves at the hotel reception on the day of arrival by credit card or in cash.

E-mail: biuro@hotel-panorama.pl
Phone: +48 12 260 64 00

Gross price for a double room TWIN / DBL / day with breakfast: 208.00 PLN
Gross price for a single room / day with breakfast: 184.00 PLN

Hotel Perła,
ul. Zakopiańska 180B, 30-435 Krakow

Rooms call in: Hotel Nowa Panorama offers special prices when booking rooms for the password: PLNOG. Reservations should be made by 16/08/2019 by email at the following e-mail address: rezerwacja@hotelperla.com.pl

E-mail: rezerwacja@hotelperla.com.pl
Phone: +48 12 267 31 92

Gross price for a single room with breakfast: 195.00 PLN
Gross price for a double room with breakfast: 240.00 PLN
Gross price for a three-bed room with breakfast: 320.00 PLN