PLNOG24 przeniesiony na wrzesień! – PLNOG – Najważniejsza konferencja telekomunikacyjna w Polsce

PLNOG24 postponed to September!

PLNOG24 postponed to September!

Dear PLNOG Friends, today we decided that PLNOG24 will take place in autumn in Krakow. Unfortunately, the threat of COVID19 is too large to risk the health of participants, partners and everyone associated with the conference. It wasn't really an easy decision and we fought till the end. However, your health and safety is the most important for us, and the GIS (Main Sanitary Inspectorate) recommendations are unambiguous.  

For now, we are counting losses, but the balance will certainly be very unfavorable for us. We hope that in September you will join us and we will organize the largest telecommunication conference EVER! 

If you bought a ticket on PLNOG24 already, you are allowed to enter the autumn edition, which will take place on 28-29.09.2020 in Krakow. We hope that we can count on your presence! If for some reason you are not able to be with us then, write us an email - we will successively refund the payment for the tickets.  Address: be patient - event cancellation is associated with many administrative and accounting processes. 

We will keep you updated on all decisions!

Keep your fingers crossed and be healthy!