Obrady Rady, czyli wyjazd do Kielc – PLNOG – Najważniejsza konferencja telekomunikacyjna w Polsce

Council deliberations so a trip to Kielce

Council deliberations so a trip to Kielce

How is the PLNOG schedule created and what will be included in the PLNOG24 program? 

Have you ever wondered how the schedule of the PLNOG conference is created? Why do we choose these lectures and how do we know that the speakers are real specialists? 

Well, the Program Council is answerable for the value of the schedule - activists, experts, young talents and spongers of the Polish telecommunications industry. It is their responsibility to separate the grain from the chaff and to construct a program whose value will be appreciated by PLNOG participants.

Lecture suggestions are received by the Council from two sources. The first part is the suggestions submitted directly by the members of the Council, the organizers, and finally by you - through surveys that you complete during the conference (yes, we really read them!;)). The second part is the applications that come to us via the CfP form. Everyone can apply, even the craziest idea is discussed in the Council.

However, we all know that it is better to talk face to face than in virtual space. That is why, as organizers, we try to meet in person with the Program Council and establish a common battlefront for the future of telecommunications.


Working on the agenda together.


One such meeting took place last weekend. Between 10 and 12 January in Kielce we worked together in the shape of the twenty-fourth edition of PLNOG.

After visiting the city on Saturday, we met in the Qbus hotel conference room to choose the most interesting lectures.

We divide lectures at PLNOG into three parts:

  • Technical lectures, which we try to gather as much as possible,
  • Soft skills and development - lectures about the organization of work in the IT industry, the history of telecommunications and discussions on future technologies,
  • Inspirations - lectures and attractions that are closely related to the leitmotif and loosely related to telecommunications.

Work on the schedule lasted until late evening and you will find confirmed lectures here. here.

Among the feverish discussions were born the next must-visit points of the spring edition. Discussion panels, workshops and exceptional guests - you can be sure that you will not take this away during the Warsaw meeting.


Combining the pleasant with the useful! 


Because “man does not live by bread alone”, after lunch we went to an extraordinary place - Laurens Hammond Museum.This is a branch of the Toy and Play Museum, which is located at 13 Kościuszki St. in Kielce. Over 60 Hammond organs, clocks and an automatic bridge table were presented on two floors. Artists such as Jimmy Smith, Keith Emerson, Thijs van Leer, Czesław Niemen, Krzysztof Sadowski and Wojciech Karolak are inseparably connected with this kind of organs.

The second day we started work on the PLNOG24 schedule with a debate on... a debate. Although everyone has the same goal, but everyone has a slightly different vision of the result. Fortunately, there has been a consensus once again and we will soon be able to publish details of the Oxford debate! After completing the work on schedule and arranging all the lectures in time slots, we went to visit the Royal Castle in Chęciny.Despite the winter, we came across truly spring weather, so a walk through the medieval ruins was a real pleasure! This small journey in time allowed us to gain perspective and was a great end to the weekend adventure.


In the PLNOG Program Council took part:

  • Tomasz Brol
  • Andrzej Gab
  • Magdalena Figiel
  • Marcin Kuczera
  • Paweł Kuśmierski
  • Piotr Wojciechowski

Remote work:

  • Andrzej Karpiński
  • Jarosław Zieliński

PROIDEA members:

  • Emanuela Didoszak
  • Jakub Kozioł
  • Joanna Matusiak
  • Paulina Tomaszewska 


If the work of the PLNOG Program Council seems interesting and challenging for you (that's true!) we invite you to join our ranks. The application form can be found at https://plnog.pl/formularz-zgloszeniowy/ https://plnog.pl/formularz-zgloszeniowy/  

That’s YOU create PLNOG and thanks to YOU it is the best telecommunications conference in Poland! The elections for the next, one-year term of office will take place during the Warsaw edition - submit yourself or people who you think should have their share in creating the PLNOG!


We keep working!